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Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Check Out the Best Health Club in Lake Charles
When looking for a Health Club in Lake Charles, know that Project Fit is an exceptional Health Club in Lake Charles and they are totally dedicated to helping individuals achieve physical fitness, mental toughness and overall self-improvement. Project Fit is exactly what the doctor ordered and is easily accessable.

Allie Ieyoub is the proud owner and primary fitness instructor at Project Fit. This is "Where Fit Happens" in the Lake Area. Project Fit opened for business in 2006 and moved to their current location in 2010 to provide their clients with a larger facility that now has a Massage Therapist and Nutritionist on site. Please call Allie with any questions that you may have.

Allie is a dedicated sports and health enthusiast with a wealth of fitness know-how. All of the various classes are based on proven fitness techniques that will guarantee her clients to reach the level of fitness that they want to achieve. You can enroll in individual personal training or join one of Allie's group fitness programs. Corporate Wellness Programs are also available.

Not all fitness instructors are created equal. It's reassuring to know that Allie has been certified in each of the various areas that she instructs. Here are her credentials that guarantee to her clients that they will always receive proper training at Project Fit. No brag... just fact!
  • Certified... FitTour Personal Trainer
  • Certified... Primary Pilates Instructor
  • Certified... Boot Camp Instructor
  • Certified... Mad Dogg Spin Instructor
  • Certified... Creative Coaching Strategies
  • Certified... in CPR
Have fun getting yourself into shape with the latest craze... Zumba Fitness. This is a Latin-inspired, calorie-burning fitness party that's helping millions to get fit with an easy-to-follow and effective fitness program. Join the fun!

Allie provides a dozen different programs that are designed for specific results. To determine which of these programs would be the most beneficial, simply call Allie today for a Free Assessment. She is an absolute delight to talk to and will be happy to help you attain the level of fitness that you desire.

Without a doubt, Project Fit is the most outstanding Health Club in Lake Charles. When you want to get fit, there is no guess-work as to who to call. Allie Ieyoub at Project Fit should be your first and only choice if you want to be assured of guaranteed results. This is "Where Fit Happens" every day.

Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
Health Club in Lake Charles, LA
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